The 37th Year

It’s 2023, and I’m now 37 years old. I find it hard to wrap my head around it – I don’t know what my expectations were exactly for what life would be like at 37, but I do know that in my mind I feel like I just graduated from college, 2012, and completely unsure of what lies ahead.

Some things that I know:
My relationship is good. I mean, GOOD. I am thankful to have someone in my life that really really understands me, and when he doesn’t, (so far) we manage to work it out.

My work is good. At first (and for a decent amount of time between then/now) I wasn’t sure that communications was for me. You do lose a great part of your own voice and your own creativity when you adhere to a brand, especially when not everyone believes you should exist. It’s not always easy. The climb is sometimes uphill. The view from the top, where all your peers are waiting and working their hardest, is a good one though.

My habits are changing. It took a lot of internal work, some medication, and a life threatening event this past summer, but I’m on the path to a healthier me. As of writing this post today, I am 61 days into a healthier eating plan. It’s restrictive, buddy is it ever restrictive. In that amount of time I have not had anything carbonated, caffeinated, or remotely enjoyable in liquid form LOL. I’m kidding, I actually do love water. I’ve been aiming for 1500 calories a day, though most days its between 1500-1700, and I’m OK with that. This means I’m eating lean beef, chicken, whole grain brown rice, LOTS of vegetables, high-protein yogurt, and extremely limited amounts of sugar. And junk was obviously cut out, though I did have a bit of chocolate here and there during Christmas.

I spent my whole life being fat, trying different things to lose weight but ultimately failing. It was not until I talked to my family Doctor about my struggles that I was educated that obesity is a disease, that diet and exercise won’t fix everything. It is so much more involved than that. Together we mapped out a plan for my goals, and he connected me with people who taught me how to feel nourished and energetic and lose weight. Having a doctor that cares, and is in your corner, and doesn’t look at you as a problem, is what is ultimately going to change my life and prolong it.

I was thinking to write more than this, and I may come back later and add. Right now I’m feeling grateful for the life I have, and I just wanted to mark that with the thoughts I’m having today.

Here’s some photos from this year so far.







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