Earth Day

It’s Earth Day 2022! I took some time to reflect on what ways I #InvestInOurPlanet and it turns out, there are a lot of ways! Some things come second nature as an Indigenous person still living in the territory I was raised in. Indigenous people all over the world are the original stewards of the land (OG, if you wanna feel fancy). Sustaining ourselves by using the natural elements provided by land, sea, and sky, and respecting that relationship, is what helps us thrive today.

Here are some things that I routinely do to lessen the burden on mother earth:

Thrifted clothing – swap system. I purchase second hand when available. If I buy something new, I donate several existing items from my closet to those in need.

Use reusable straws – This one was a no-brainer, but most of the time I don’t use straws at all!

BYOB – Invested in a good water bottle and refill with tap water vs. buy bottled water.

Consuming wild-foods and preserves – Regularly blessed with food from the land from my family. This could mean bottled jam, pickles, beets, moose, smoked salmon, salt cod, etc.

Using reusable bags – Also a no-brainer! Less waste in the landfill, and if they get dirty, you just wash them out and air dry!

Auto-shut off in my SUV – My Trailblazer has an auto-shutoff function that will kill the engine when idling for extended periods of time!

Turning off the lights in unoccupied rooms – Ghosts aren’t afraid of the dark… 😉

Using locally made bath and body products – I see you Spruced Up with your shampoo bars and bath bombs!

Recycling – We recycle all possible forms of bottles/cans. Unfortunately my area does not have a paper/cardboard recycling program as of yet.

Reusing – Whenever purchased items or gifts are packaged in something that can be utilized in an alternate way, we like that! i.e., that plastic heart shaped chocolate box? It holds jewellery now! The wooden crate that clementines arrived in? Keeps select books grouped together!

Crafting – Instead of buying cheaply made plastic products, I try my best to use materials I already own or can be locally sourced to create handmade gifts.

There are tons little ways that you can help the environment, and once you start, you really don’t even notice you’re doing it. How will you #InvestInOurPlanet?


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