The Good.

“Its going to be hard, but hard is not impossible”

2020 was really something, in a lot of ways. Continuing on with my traditional post at the beginning of a new year however, I’m going to focus on the good.

Happy New Year, Jeffrey! Here’s to another year of laughter, weirdness and love.
We’re both pretty tired here, having fell asleep waiting for midnight to hit, but not noticing until 12:07am that it was 2021!
Yes, I will be your girlfriend ❤️
One of many backyard fires
Began work October 1 as Communications Officer with NunatuKavut
Mom and Dad celebrated 36 years of marriage
Monica and Keith, my wonderful friends, got married December 18
We moved in to our own apartment December 11

Keep your head up.







One response to “The Good.”

  1. Monica Surina

    Awwww, thank you for including us in your 2020 reflection. It was absolutely the most crazy year, but you found love, happiness, peace and joy. So very, very happy for you.

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