Write like it’s 1958

Last week I was perusing the local Facebook Marketplace and came across this gorgeous antique desk. It was listed at $100 but all that I saw was this beautiful piece of furniture and not the price tag. Kind of like that time I passed by a leather captains chair at a yardsale a few years ago and immediately turned my truck around to go buy it. Well, it was only $25. It had a lot of use until lately, since the resident husky chewed up the legs and tore leather off the arm.


The top of the desk, interestingly enough, was leather! It was not repairable, so I peeled it off and sanded it down to reveal a different type of wood. Still interesting and salvageable! Underneath the desk, once I pulled out the drawers, it was revealed that the desk was made in 1958. Stunning!

Here’s some before and after photos of my restoration project.

Desk – $100
Supplies – Stain, paint brush, sanding block, sanding disks, two drawer pulls $49
Tools – Sander borrowed from a friend (thanks Keith!)
Time – Hmm… not that long? Probably 2.5-3 hours total spread amongst a couple days.

The finished product!

It’s not perfect, but I love it!
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