“A boundary is a limit or space between you and the other person; a clear place where you begin and the other person ends . . . The purpose of setting a healthy boundary is, of course, to protect and take good care of you.”

I wish I could say I set healthy boundaries for myself, but I don’t. It happens from time to time that I allow myself to take on feelings of guilt and self-loathing when talking to certain people. I start to believe that where I am in life isn’t where I should be. That I’ve not done enough, haven’t accomplished enough, haven’t contributed enough. It’s mentally exhausting being an over-thinker, and even more exhausting when some family members suddenly become that little voice inside my head. The little voice in my head that tells me I could be better becomes the voice on the other end of the phone, amplified. How do you set boundaries within yourself? How do you silence the noise?

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