Monthly Archives: February 2018

the good dark

I wonder how long it will take you
to forget what my face looks like –
what my hands feel like.
All the silly promises we made
took off in the take off.
My life will not be a bestseller
I will still be here
enjoying the good darkness
in light of all opinions
growing without your sun.
We planted trees of forgiveness
patting the earth beneath the branches
it might not take,
or it might take forever.


every night

maybe I do
go to the valley of the shadow of us
every night
I smell that woodsmoke
I see that constellation
I am alone in the
where you and I were
and whatever’s next
it’s safe to say
there’s nobody like you
it’s safe to say
I broke my heart too
every night
I burn away the memories
I block out the sky
I am alone in the
where you and I
were you and I




waiting for something
that resembles gold
when life is a whole lot of copper
maybe tomorrow will be different
when the sun breaks
they call it dreaming
but i’m most often awake
to watch the clouds slide by
and every second feels like i’m too late
feeling my days slip away
from the same point of view
less of me, more of you
always more of you
when i jump the gun and wave this town away
watching the sunset in my mirror
i hope i still own myself
that it was worth all the trials
that took the tiny pieces of me
and made me make my own armor
i hope i can say
whats left of me
is the gold i am missing