Samosas in the Trees

On Friday Amrit, Douglas, Gracie and I celebrated Amrit’s 25th birthday with a beach fire. Amrit’s birthday was earlier in the week but we were all working, so we collectively got Friday night off and spent the night at the beach singing, dancing (Amrit lol) and eating good food.

This is kind of a new experience for me, and because I’m always honest with you here on this blog I don’t have a problem speaking about it. Amrit and I dated for a while and now we’re a couple of months into just being friends. I can honestly say he is the only person that I’ve ever dated that I have remained friends with in a healthy and mutually beneficial way; he is simply a great person.

Amrit is awaiting his Canadian citizenship decision, and Douglas and I decided to welcome him as a Canadian before that even happens. He was incredibly humbled and happy to receive his first Canadian flag from us. I also got him some Samosas from a nice Indian lady here in town, and he enjoyed them immensely. We all did.

I don’t know if Amrit will ever see this post, or if he does, if he will bring it up to me. But if he does, I want him and all who read it to know what a wonderful person he is and that Canada is lucky to have him.


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