My trip to the Labrador Straits, June 2017

I took a quick trip home last weekend, which actually extended ‘up along’ to the Straits. My parents and I drove as far as L’Anse au Clair because Dad wanted to go to the hardware store, and we slowly worked our way back down. My only requests: I need to see the lighthouse again, look for sea glass, and see my grandparents that I haven’t seen in years. It was a quick trip home overall, it never really is long enough.

I learned that my great (and great great) grandfather Yetman were light keepers on Saddle Island. There’s so much history in Red Bay involving my family alone, not just the basque, that I would love to take more time to explore. I feel like I know next to nothing about my mother’s side of the family, because I grew up in St. Lewis which wasn’t connected by road to the rest of the province until I was already in high school. My formative years were spent away from my relatives on my mom’s side, and much time was spent with family on my dad’s side.

Every time I visit Red Bay I kind of get this little twinge of excitement, like perhaps if I left on foot from my grandparents door I’d find something – some artifact or scene that would somehow fulfill this mystery that I always look for when I visit. I remember way back (1997 maybe? or earlier) when The Matthew sailed into Red Bay. I remember walking the deck of the boat, and I remember the huge crowds of people. There aren’t a lot of memories I have with Red Bay, but there are lots that I hope to make in the years to come.


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