Month: June 2017


I sleep with the window open To drown all my thoughts in the rain I wait for the freedom of a deep yawn, all of my night moves delayed I wonder what you’re doing in these moments I try to hear you reading this in your voice It’s catastrophic It’s impossible To hope That you…

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Seven Years

Today marks the SEVENTH birthday of this blog! I don’t know that I can pinpoint what I was feeling or thinking the day I started this blog in 2010, but I can pretty much guarantee I did not predict it would be around for this long – this post is number 456! If this is…

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new moon

when you fell into my sky it was purple and orange it was blessed with yellow flowers and honey bees there was no need to command attention when you fell out of my sky it was dark, sheer, and damp with regret i wish i could write about the way your skin was warm velvet…

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