March Hare


March is almost over and I’m realizing this is my one and only entry to sum up the month…how to do this?

The most memorable thing from this month was my Mom’s visit. She came here for work meetings (which she rocked) and we spent the evenings hanging out and enjoying coffee and shopping. My mom hasn’t travelled much and it was really nice to see her come out of her shell and have this new experience.

My office is moving to a new location this week and I’m really excited for it. Change is good. There’s nothing like a fresh view to spark your creativity. I’ve spent close to four years in my current office and I’m looking forward to a (somewhat) new beginning. Luckily it’s in closer proximity to my house as well.

Grace is doing ok, her vision seems to be slowly deteriorating. She runs into a lot more things now and every time I kick myself for not being more careful with her. She’s just so happy and playful I often forget that she has an issue with her sight.

Oh! I almost forgot. Canadian Geographic chose one of my Insta photos for a special edition mag coming out later in the spring. How exciting is that?

I’ll be back soon with some #poetry to post. I have been struggling with my words this month. I have a few great ideas and sentences, I just have to figure out how to make them all fit into a poem or multiple poems.

’til next time;




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