bare bones.

If I don’t see you in the end goal, helping me grow, teaching me something, you cannot stay. My heart wants everything and very little.

We had that kind of closeness that was so unreserved, so free, so silky, it was as if our souls had known each other long before we were born. As if sometime, years ago, we had met in a field somewhere staring up at the night sky and knew we’d always be apart of each others lives no matter how small or how vastly.

You know how I feel about the building. That’s how I feel when I’m around you. Like there is something else at play. Perhaps this is why I find it so hard to say no, to let go. And every time I find the quiet, it is then that my heart speaks to me the loudest.

And you might read this, and you might not. But if you do…

everything happens for a reason


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