Month: September 2016

the Color of Autumn

The feeling of Autumn is very much in the air. This weekend was a really relaxing one for a change. Grace and I took a walk through the woods where I gathered these different colored leaves and pressed them to make a hanging for my wall. This is by far my favorite time of the…

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bare bones.

If I don’t see you in the end goal, helping me grow, teaching me something, you cannot stay. My heart wants everything and very little. We had that kind of closeness that was so unreserved, so free, so silky, it was as if our souls had known each other long before we were born. As if sometime,…

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the eighth edition a derelict addiction the desire to be opposite to taste what the other side is offering keep me grounded, tie me down we still have miles to go M.

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Love In September

the moon tore apart the fleshy clouds and we drank from her light every last drop like stolen property silence spreads across the sky blanketing our sorrows your love is immeasurable M.

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