Month: August 2016

about being gentle

there is something undeniably powerful about being gentle. as if the world expects and prepares for your harshness and you throw light at the darkness instead. being strong is sexy, but being humble is gold. M.

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Grace turns six

In October 2014 I adopted a pure-bred Labrador Retriever from the SPCA here in Goose Bay, her name is Grace (also known as Gracie and G-dawg). Since that day her and I have become very good friends. For a non-human, she’s very intuitive when it comes to people’s feelings and she’s very comforting to have…

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i have a legacy to protect for breaking names and taking hearts (yes, i noticed) out here in the wildwood all you see is what you think you see do you see? live tastefully | respect boundaries we are only as free as we allow ourselves to be and sincerely, i want you to know…

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An Ending.

“Who are you when no one’s watching?” That’s a question I ask myself quite regularly. Usually whenever I catch myself doing something out of the ordinary. I ask myself why I did it, or why I didn’t do it. Keeping myself in check. Last night I removed all but one friend from my Facebook account, my…

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the daisy

a marriage of words soaked together with rosé grade school playground feelings things still look black and white still basic, still innocent, still free (if only you knew) — where is your light, when the dark creeps in? it’s funny, i’m more comfortable in the dark. i cover my face like it means something to…

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I learned from the girl

i learned from the girl that lives inside of me saying no is harder than saying yes being gentle takes practice and hate is easier than love i learned from the girl that lives inside of me that somedays just being is a chore that my thoughts are like a crossword i can’t finish and…

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