Monthly Archives: May 2016

radio silence

you don’t feel the night like I do
it’s silk between my fingers
it’s home without the walls
I can be here with this empty space
beside me – inside me
and I am not afraid
in the hours of black
always fight back
you don’t feel the night like I do
never alone in the radio silence.


Solo Artist.

Since the writing of my last few posts my iMac’s hard drive has failed and I’ve lost 11 years worth of my photography. For the time being, the only photos I have are the ones that exist on this blog which is both good and bad news; at least I have something. With any hope an Apple tech will be able to retrieve my data.

In other more exciting news, my poetry and photography has been published in Northern Public Affairs magazine. On a whim, back in January, I submitted a collection of my work in hopes that I might have a chance at publication, and I was happily surprised to find that was the case. In fact, NPA awarded me with an Emerging Northern Writers and Artists Fund award, which came as such a shock. It feels good to do something solo and not affiliated with a job or school related. Subscribe to Northern Public Affairs. View the free issue of this important edition on Free, Prior & Informed Consent.

Enjoy the photos, all taken with my new iPhone SE.

‘Til next time.




break before bending
devoured by the hunt
this city sleeps, we just miss it
caught inside the tolerable life
we become reflections staring back at ourselves
in store windows – in puddles
the night knows this story
throwing the lady out with the tap water
all set in plaid, you’re good enough
there’s a part of me that only reacts
the night knows this story
not like it makes a difference
(this is me today, but it won’t be me tomorrow)