Month: April 2016

the bright spot

you are so well read no sonnet is as well put together as you are, the reason for my patience the reason I can take this you are so well read well versed; I see you breaking down these barriers carrying on, carrying on you’re the bright spot that shines in the right spot you…

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the levee 

they build the dam or don’t we’re damned anyway our confidence like the spring in May (melting) this back and forth the rising tides above our heads how can you rest inside your bed (peacefully) tell me there’s no mercury tell me there’s nothing to see a history of chances giving away what isn’t ours…

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upon waking

i watched as 11:11 walked by on the clock  hesitating every few seconds with a wish on the tip of my tongue holding back, holding on 11:12 became a new story, i couldn’t wish that moment back because wishes can’t be contained in a well they’re out in the open, floating, waiting for a well-meaning…

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