Month: March 2016

Becoming Poetic

This month in 2004, Kevin Major visited my high school. Kevin Major is a well known Canadian author who wrote such gems as Hold Fast, Blood Red Ochre, The House of Wooden Santas and many more.  Mr. Major took time out of his schedule to visit with my graduating class and evaluate our english work…

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Knitted Love

My Mom and my Aunt Lucy are true artists. Every now and then I’ll receive a ‘care package’ from my hometown and it’ll be full of baked goods, bottled moose and jam, chocolate, and something that’s been hand knit by either my Mom or Aunt, or both. Those little things are in fact huge things.…

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night driving

don’t love me back i’m asking because i need this. my heart is a crackling birch and you, our breath in winter. we were born on a cold, lifeless day becoming not quite terrible you, our breath in winter and me burning brightly the birch gives warmth to all. (let me do all the night…

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