As The Oceans

You are my natural disaster waiting to happen
It’s fated
We are the broken twigs
Unnoticed in the brush
Only good for burning

We are only as Infinite as the oceans
I’m willing to break

Fast, slow, constant,
Salty and tangled and messy
Shining with permission
I will take 1
Back row, in darkness
Steady now.


Borrowed Light

By borrowed light I read about poetry
The wind tossed the trees and the rain bled down the street
The anxious thunder clapped hands
The light
The light spread its volumes inside my four walls
Illuminating the imperfections
Disguising all but the truth
A rising cancerous doubt
Brushed off the tablecloth like bread crumbs
We told ourselves we would be better.


For When She Cries

we are made of these wide open spaces
willows that crack and sprawl with the wind
we are made of these cold night skies
stars that glow even when we cry
we are born of earth and made of water
running until we find our end
settling in the comfort of the mountains
resting at the bends
we are more than this skin and bone
these feelings, these misfortunes
we are made of cold night skies
we’re stars that glow even when we cry


Soundtrack: So Long, Lonesome – Explosions in the Sky