Monthly Archives: April 2015


we find ourselves
lost in the fog
pennies on the sidewalk
and everyone we meet smiles and waves
and we can’t help
but think
who do they have
at home
that brings a smile that big
surely they’re hiding something –
this plaid skin doesn’t stand
a chance
that backward glance
of pity
of curiosity
of sadness
of disdain
how does
why does
just does
we just keep moving.



strung out, sprung out
on the white picket fence
babbling blue
target jays
snowbirds in their own
right, down to the edges
of all that was forgotten
whisper, clutter
you’ll end up your mother
pale daisies kissed by sunlight
we might
go on dancing without movement
our swelling minds
lost in the afterwords
when we break
when we shake
hands, after supper
and dishes become reasons
to forget and not forgive