Scarlett Letters

Posted in Poetry by Mandy Joy Poole on 27/01/2015

I’ve stopped thinking of you with fond appreciation
No expectations
You’re a dragon with no fire
Carrying on
I don’t have time for
Less than stone
A foundation
Sending my hope
Up with the birds
This quiet street
That empty seat
A minnow in a pond of loons
We hope for love but quit too soon
Burning my eternity of Scarlett letters
They drift into the night sky
plumes of goodbyes.


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Crow Songs

Posted in Poetry by Mandy Joy Poole on 14/01/2015

The crows converse behind my house

beating their wings against the orange sky

a puff of breath

a trestle of twigs

they tell the truth

in humor, they sing.



crow tattoo

The day before..

Posted in Journal Entries, Photography by Mandy Joy Poole on 11/01/2015

My birthday. It’s tomorrow.

So what can I say? As a writer and photographer I was deeply saddened by the events in France this week – and at the same time – tremendously proud to see the gathering for peace that followed. The pen is mightier than the sword.

Here’s a few images from the past week.