Month: November 2014

Ninety-nine percent

The world smiled upon me today happily like a mother stroking her daughters long hair in love and amusement honest and revealing. Life will always find a way. I am thankful for these tiny yet grand moments. M.

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A Book

Sometimes a book can tell you how to live How to paint your house And wear your hair How to keep a man and bed him best And provoke a religion inside Your watery edges A book can be a powerful thing A bomb of phrases and slithery truths A sleuth A saviour with silky…

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Every night I go to bed and read And she is there, seemingly uncomfortable but dreaming and breathing Waiting for me to make a move or sound Hanging on the words “Grace” “Hungry?” “Outside!” Every night when I sit and read She’s there, warming my feet with the heat of her bones A mixed bag…

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Bring it on down

Soundtrack: 90-Mile Water Wall – The National Wow, I am actually ashamed that it has taken me so long to write a blog post; sorry! It’s a massive snow day in Goose Bay, it’s nearly 1pm and my road isn’t cleared yet so it looks like I’m snow bound. Here’s a few shots from the…

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