Month: September 2014


The kind of quiet you can’t understand Without closed eyes And weightless hands No security in Intertwinement Just the echo of a heartbeat Before your decision A tender idea Without closed eyes We see a world more perfect than Tiny hands can grasp and I Find comfort in the intertwine The days that I Knew […]


Who’s Face

I don’t know who’s face To picture in the Midnight hours Between thinking and sleeping Longing and breathing When the moment holds itself eclipse We’re passing through Just thoughts nailed to a door That never gets shut I don’t know who’s face Just like I don’t know my own I lay awake burning The bridge […]


Learning To Swim

Our lives barely touching coming together in tiny moments broken mesh we carousel into one a vilified mess we forget ourselves miss-step and break apart shards of metal cold sharp tongues our lives barely touching I pass you on the street and I forget why I am burning bridges before I build a boat This […]