Small Hands

Soundtrack: The National – Boxer (Album)

I look at these small hands
brilliant hands
hands I thought were big until I
compared –
put them up against the big black sky
forgetting why
I was here.
These small hands
write their way off the page
bleeding rage
sometimes flowers.
Let’s find common ground
inside this black inkwell
with our small hands
holding fast
forgetting why..



After a week of 28+ temperatures it was really great to wake up to rain this morning. We’ve had some fires sneak up on us in the Lake Melville area and it’s pretty scary with the heat, lightning, and wind changes. And the smoke is so thick and heavy it made everything feel pretty eery.

On a brighter note, it’s Sunday and today is my creative day. About to start a template or two for this year’s Christmas cards. I know. I woke up in the Christmas spirit for some reason.

Here’s a few snaps from some recent endeavours. I might edit this post later if I concoct a card worthy enough for sharing 😛


Hitting 400

A year ago I never thought I would be here.

Yesterday, after a 12km night ride under the moon, I surpassed the 400km mark on my Avro. When I got home and marked my nightly adventure on my calendar I realized I’d hit 409km. That made me sooooo happy.

A year ago I struggled to get 2km on my old beater bike. Not that it had much to do with the bike, really. It had a lot to do with me not trying hard enough, not forcing through the hurt, not pacing, not taking breaks, not giving it my all. Moving over the 400km line makes me immensely proud. That’s like… cycling to Port Hope Simpson from here. That’s pretty amazeballs.

Goose Bay probably has another solid 3.5 months before the snow starts to arrive in an amount that would impede biking, so I’m hoping for another 300km yet. That would be great. I think that’s pretty attainable at the rate that I’m going now. I really hope nothing happens to stop this progress.

My throat is healing well, so well that I cracked a bottle of Stella tonight after my bike ride. It’s going down nicely 😉

Here’s a few photos from the time I’ve missed on here, since August 2.

As always,


Keep Burning

Let it all inspire you
Re-wire you
Delight you in a hundred tiny ways
Let the colours warm your heart
All the little pieces blown apart
Let the wind mend your soul
Finding trust in the sun down glow
Find a voice that matters
You owe your heart one less shatter
Stop speed
Stop time
Remember what’s worth remembering
The precision in the wrongs
The guidance in the right
The moments and memories are band aids on wounds
The scars tell us who we were
That we lived before this minute
That we lived for that moment
There’s no way that you owe it
Any more explanation
For these bones
Underneath the skin
Just keep moving
Even a fraction
Not looking for your reaction
One less burden