Month: July 2014

1000 Julys

So that’s actually the name of a song I love by Third Eye Blind. Remember them? yeah, good times. So a lot has happened since my last post, which seems like eons ago! Where to begin.. So for years now, pretty much my whole life really, I’ve had strep throat frequently – way more than…

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Ingiullik II

  The sea is swelling again – The water creeping quickly up the shoreline; Steadfast. Deadly, but beautiful. The moonlight hovers, a cover. A lover. Coaxing and kneading. The trees thrash and spin – A storm has risen within. In search of its siren It seeks an end not wilfully played. Separate. Disintegrate. The water…

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Life Ablaze

Clouds ablaze, soft tissue Pink and scarred Floating Reminding me that life is Bigger Broader More settled with time. Moving mountains Burning bridges Are all a part of the movement The play pretend While we break and bend Doing our best to make amends Pink tissue in the sky Life ablaze On a July night.…

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