Under Pressure

Any advice on how to lower your blood pressure quickly? Because mine is in an unsafe zone. Tips for good foods to eat and foods to avoid would be helpful! I’ve got the exercise part under control.  (I realize that Jam Jams probably are not a good choice lol)

Here’s some photos from today.



Dara Desgagné

the wind makes your hair float
I am tangled in the way it shines
whole cities were built on less passion than
what I see
in your eyes
the sun is a crutch
compared to the light of your smile
Dara Desgagné
you are water
you are the sea
you are the ocean
you are waves that play at shores edge
with no recollection
of it being night or day
oh – Dara Desgagné
the sand beneath my feet
the company a window keeps –
you are birds of every color
winged and wild
singing hello
Dara Desgagné
welcome home.



Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

My dad’s name is Eric. He lives in a tiny town on the coast of Labrador with my mom. Dad has always been, and always will be, the most important man in my life. He is strong, and smart, and always has a solution to anything I manage to throw his way.

Sunday evenings are reserved for family chats. My Dad and I can spend over an hour on the phone talking about what we did that week, where we went, who we saw, what we ate. No detail is insignificant.

I feel very fortunate that my dad is healthy and happy. He’ll complain occasionally about money, but in a small one-industry town there’s not many jobs to go around, and just as many bills as the average person in a larger centre. But they always ‘make do’ and do the best possible.

My dad was a fisherman for a big part of his life, up until I was ready for kindergarten. Then he took on another seasonal job, grooming trails, which I’m certain he would still be doing to this day if the association hadn’t folded operations.

I think there is a certain awkwardness that goes with raising a teenage girl – because I remember my dad passing me off to mom when my questions got too complicated. That’s alright dad, it turns out that guy wasn’t right for me anyway.

It’s terrifying for me to think of a world without my parents in it. I may not depend on them for food, money or clothing anymore like when I was growing up…but there’s a new dependency now. A sense of normal. A sense of family. A sense of security.

My dad’s face lights up everytime I come home after being away for a few months. With a busy schedule I try to get home on the occasional long weekend, but it never feels like enough.

There has never been a better time to hug your loved ones. Father’s Day is just a label. Appreciate the caregiver in your life everyday – to be loved, and give love, is the best gift available.

I love you, dad.


The Best Dad