Month: June 2014

Under Pressure

Any advice on how to lower your blood pressure quickly? Because mine is in an unsafe zone. Tips for good foods to eat and foods to avoid would be helpful! I’ve got the exercise part under control.  (I realize that Jam Jams probably are not a good choice lol) Here’s some photos from today. M.  

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Dara Desgagné

the wind makes your hair float I am tangled in the way it shines whole cities were built on less passion than what I see in your eyes the sun is a crutch compared to the light of your smile Dara Desgagné you are water you are the sea you are the ocean you are…

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Happy Father’s Day, Dad.

My dad’s name is Eric. He lives in a tiny town on the coast of Labrador with my mom. Dad has always been, and always will be, the most important man in my life. He is strong, and smart, and always has a solution to anything I manage to throw his way. Sunday evenings are…

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Change takes time

Your body isn’t going to change overnight. Your mind is pretty much the same speed, if not slower. You have to believe you can before anything else will happen. A couple of weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought about putting some of these photos online because they’re ‘less than flattering.’ But you know what, that’s…

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the weight of you bare against my soul the comfortable crush of a lovers skin hearts beating frantic gently composed softness of touch wet kisses et al the pressure enclosed that comfortable crush desolate crash repeat. M.

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