Month: April 2014


you’re always in that spot nestled sweetly untouchable in the back of my mind where rhymes are made and plans are laid and best kept secrets stain the halls a simple touch our values fold our hearts grow old you’re always in that spot with parted lips and steady hips why can’t we find a…

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Oh Happy Day!

I’ve got a lot of reasons to be happy, If I’m going to be quite honest. I truly have no right to complain (ever)! My cousin Sabrina challenged me to do this cool thing called #100HAPPYDAYS where you post a photo every day for 100 days of something that happened that made your day happy one.…

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Think. Jump.

I write the same story over and over It’s a hell of a lie I can’t find the sign Significance I’m waiting for that moment The sun hits my face Ahhhh There it is M.  

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