Month: March 2014

Ridin’ dirty

Literally. It was a dirty ol’ day on the Trans Labrador Highway. But it was awesome. This was a great weekend and it was very much needed. I’ve been working on some writing but I haven’t gotten it down just right yet, will post when I do. For now, here’s some warm wishes that the…

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i know there’s something you won’t say an ache that weighs you down i can see it in the moments you aren’t pretending it’s fleeting receding self he never says goodnight but always means ‘good morning’ M.

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(bitter) sweet november

I remember the night we spent in the park, sitting on the child’s play set. We drank beer and talked in obnoxious tones until god knows how late. That was the moment I knew we would never work. I think you knew it then too. That was so out of character for me. I remember…

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It’s been one hell of a week. Tuesday I was involved in a car accident and my SUV ended up being written off. So for now I’m vehicle-less (but have a rental for a couple of days). I’m thankful that I wasn’t hurt, albeit psychologically with the sight of trucks with snow blades attached to…

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Snow Dogs (deux)

It was a gorgeous day here today, but deceivingly cold. Went for a nice long drive in my Escape, likely the last long ride as I’ll be getting my new truck this week (fingers crossed!). I got home and played with the dogs in the back yard for a bit, now I’m off to get…

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Beautiful Thing.

I close my eyes and imagine the sun rising in another city, it melts over the roof tops and pours down to meet the forms of faceless people who exchange duties for happy endings. When the sun hits the treetops it’s like water hitting a hot pan, the birds and pollen husks explode into the…

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I am medicine I’m on the mend. Things happen, but we need to keep dreaming. You should not stay, Where you are not happy. You should not go, Where you are not welcome. You should not love, Those who cannot return the same. Actions have consequences. I cannot change, The choices I’ve made. But I…

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