The cold wind clashes against my face
and I am lost in the zephyr.
There is nothing but space between you and
Even though I prefer we make the bed together.
There’s not much I can say to change your mind,
you’re set in stone
inside these bones
even though
you don’t know.
The night is wrapped around my hands and mouth
I’m bound beneath this heavy doubt.
Can’t you just trust that I know how?
if you play fair.


Snowmobile Ride For Dad Weekend

As part of Grand River Snowmobile Club (as a director on the board) I get to be involved in a lot of cool stuff. I help with maintenance on the trail groomers, I help out in events around town, I take photos and manage a Facebook page. It’s great volunteer experience doing something that I truly love.. embracing winter! The Grand River Snowmobile Club held it’s first annual Snowmobile Ride for Dad yesterday, February 22, and I was along for the ride to take photos and help out. Here’s some photos from that event..and a few from today (Trans Labrador Highway).