Beautiful Lie

When we start questioning other people’s motives are we not just reacting to our own feelings? People do what they do to bring themselves happiness – be it temporary or long term. They do what they think is best. But don’t we all deserve to be a little selfish sometimes?
Sometimes I wonder what the inside of your mind must look like. Why do you do the things you do? And why do they matter to me? You challenge me, that’s why. You make me sit up and take notice. You’re like the teacher I am silently admiring from the back of the class.
My mind was chained down by doubt until you found all of my indiscretions and laid them out before me. I have a problem with ghosts; they’re all living in my head. I think we all have ghosts inside us, it’s when we let them out that it becomes a problem.
You’re just looking for new subjects – new muses. And I’m just looking for something that can facilitate this heart.
We are writing different stories, different pages, different lives.
Sometimes what we say and what we mean are completely different things.
Sometimes, it’s all just a beautiful lie.


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