Month: December 2013


Just knowing you is like trying to breathe under water. You fill my lungs with choked up memories, my ears with whispers, and my heart with uncertainty. I try to swim up to meet the surface, reaching desperately for a hand that isn’t there. Your heart is somewhere else, beating, warm, underneath the covers of…

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There Were No Edges.

No one could find the edge of her heart – truth is, there were no edges. The love she had for everyone and everything was infinite.. and it was reciprocated. I don’t know of anyone who wasn’t in awe of her – just by the presence of her. She had that special something that no one else ever…

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In Loving Memory.

Today was my pop’s birthday, he died in 2011. I still miss him everyday, and it’s especially hard when I’m home for the holidays. Today my Dad and I went for a boil-up at Black Hill Pond, I never officially ‘declared’ it, but I wanted to do it in memory of my pop and all…

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A’bra ca dab’ra

To a writer words mean everything, so choose your words wisely. I’m trying to build this kingdom, “I create what I speak.” The moon cradles her children, They float in her light, asleep by her feet – A’bra ca dab’ra. From this ground where I stand the world never looked more beautiful. Divine design –…

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“Would you mind,” she said, “If I just laid my head right here next to your heart? The glamour in its beat makes me feel safe.” “Darling,” he smiled, “Your demure becomes you, but when it comes to me, just take it – take everything you want, take it all. I am at your mercy.”…

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When I was 20.

I found this tonight on an older site that I forgot I was apart of. I was silly. I am a distraction. I am what you come to in life, not to love, just to observe…almost like a mirror. You look at me and find yourself, because I am never myself. Everything I say turns poetic,…

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Lying with my back to the sheets I’m desperate to find the answers to the questions in my mind. I haven’t got a home, I haven’t got a prayer, left. It’s a hard way to die, murdering your own hope. My eyes wander these streets in fear – I’ve got everything to lose. I don’t…

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21 Because I don’t know what common sense is anymore – Or if I have it, Or if I want it. Everything feels up in the air, like chairs and boards flying around inside of a tornado. You want to reach out and grab it like you’re anchored to the ground, But you’re a silly…


My Life On These Shelves

my life on these shelves astronomy french-english dictionary photography i tried to be the person i was before but the pain wasn’t worth it that’s not who i am anymore i’m still figuring this out my life on these shelves biographies black ink woman of labrador, i think i tried to be the person you…

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Beautiful Lie

When we start questioning other people’s motives are we not just reacting to our own feelings? People do what they do to bring themselves happiness – be it temporary or long term. They do what they think is best. But don’t we all deserve to be a little selfish sometimes? Sometimes I wonder what the…

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When the words escaped from my mouth I didn’t believe them either. There’s a reason behind everything, A truth behind the lie. We all do the best we can, Not knowing what lies ahead. “I’m fine,” she said.. But her eyes told a story that her mouth could not. Tugging on my drawstrings, you mistook…

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maybe we are all destined to be stories penned from heartache the subject; affection the content; desired the ending; unavoidable the signature – M.

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Wide Open Spaces

I sit quietly in my truck at night, the only soul around for miles. I’m transfixed by the way the moon lights up the snow – it’s as if that was the only job the moon ever had, to make the snow sparkle. And she does it so well. I’m awakened by the smell of…

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