Month: November 2013

akKunak (storm)

I gave birth to a demon, a bad idea that could only get worse. You cut me with the velocity in which you fall. There’s a story here with missing pages. A margin that hides a secret. A tempest without the wind. You’re vicious and voracious, like the hem on a model’s dress. A kin…

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Open Your Eyes

The night fell like a black cloak surrounding the bay. The snow glistens on the mountain tops from beneath the glow of the rising moon. A polar bear and her two cubs creep quietly across the barren land, glancing carefully to and fro for predators and prey. The darkness will keep you here, if you…

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Remembering Don Murphy

Remembering Don. It seems like just yesterday I was giving Don a hard time at Strawberry Hill. We were stood outside the resort, our hands full of equipment, and he couldn’t get the hatch to open on the CNA van. He fiddled with the back – poking and prodding at the door and scratching his…

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They say

They say the universe is made of tiny stories which leads me to believe that you and I are the entirety of this world. Every long inhale every slow exhale. Every comma, every sign. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger which leads me to believe that you and I can survive this…

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Strange Disease

My hand shaped the smoke that blushed from your face You’ve got a strange disease You made me sick with your ragged, saucy ways You made me crave your smile What I wouldn’t do to breathe in your words And sit quietly Masking all desire Here we are floating In an imaginary haze The colour…

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By Invite Only

Our lives are constantly evolving, looking for markers and weigh points by which to rest our tired souls. Somewhere to anchor our boats and stretch our toes come morning. Our eyes are always open, observing the pathways as the pianists keys create an idea that maybe there is hope. Maybe all is not lost. I’ve…

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“You’re beautiful.”

I dig my toes into the snow trying to remember how to feel. “You’re beautiful.” Every word registers but doesn’t retain. I’ve never been a believer. I dig my toes into the sand trying to recall if this was ever real. “You’re beautiful.” Every word registers and I refrain. I’ve never been a believer. I…

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Add a blanket

If you don’t know what you’re fighting for it is time to discover the reason for which doors were made. Spend some time alone. Work your body to its bones. ‘Cause you’re better off slightly lost than wrecking your heart – it’s a heavy cost. I was yours until you left me but you’ll never…

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buttons and zippers

You occupy a notable place beneath my ribs underneath will and reason. You found your way despite the thorns and shattered glass – Despite resistance and doubt. I occupy a notable place beneath your hands stinging with lust and patience. I found my way despite the buttons and zippers keeping us apart. We occupy a…

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And in the darkness the snow glowed like faint light. The frost tickled the tree line and whispered gusts of sparkling snow, landing softly at our feet. This winter will be different. This winter we’ll be warm. M.  

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I’m not Amanda

I don’t usually write two posts in one day. You’re lucky that I write two a week. But tonight I had this funny little rhyme pop in my head so I thought I’d share it. It was inspired by a childhood (nick)name. My name is Mandy, as you probably have noticed.. but you’d be surprised…

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831 Forever

I remember spending every day at the beach. Every day. The wind would blow knots in my then irish red hair, I’d be snapping photos, collecting sea glass, kneeling and thanking the earth for all that it had given me. I remember touching my face on the long walk home and smiling because it was…

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Talking about our feelings.

Loneliness It feels like a hand just holding your heart.. not grabbing it tightly, but just keeping a hold so that nothing else can get to it. Never letting go, but never attempting to kill. It feels like we lost ourselves somewhere, and our lives have transformed into a never ending search for something better…

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