I’ve been away, been away too long.

I spent all of last week in the beautiful city of St. John’s Newfoundland. I haven’t been to “Sin Jawns” since 2006 and it was really great to see all of my friends again. I walked the downtown streets a number of times and I have the blisters to prove it. There was a lot of rain, but when the sun did shine, boy was it ever magnificent.

Between me and my friends Jody and Savannah we checked out:

Bistro Sofia
Smoke’s Poutinerie
Rocket Bakery
Rosie the Rebel
Freak Lunchbox
The Newfoundland Chocolate Company
The Natural Health Store
and a bunch of box stores and the Avalon Mall

And of course, the popular touristy destinations like the Basilica, the National War Memorial, the Rooms, Commissariat House, Signal Hill, and more. I also got a special treat from my best friend Savannah. Savannah plays the drums and is taught weekly by a very popular St. John’s artist. She took me to one of her favorite spots in town to play and played “Paradise City” for me. Rather fitting, and I was so proud of her. I also met her drum teacher who was just as awesome as she described.

It was a great week. My eyes were opened to an entirely new way of life. I’m used to living in towns with a population under 10,000 so it’s nice to see how the other side lives sometimes. Turns out we’re all weird. Haha.

Til next time.




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