Sentimental drift

You held each star up on a string

and I swear every one was a lighthouse.

Caught off guard by the beauty,

I set course in a sentimental drift –

swan-diving into the ether.

Letting go, again.


Remember to forget where we came from.

Each line on our forehead,

each scar on our hands,

does not define our existence.

We are what we feel, when we feel it.


Messengers, take heart.

Roll down your window and make waves in the aurora night sky.

I’ll call you when I figure it out.

I’ll photograph this wasted time,

and wear it like a charm around my neck.

Nobody puts baby in a corner.




Sometimes I think you have too many loves, and too many lovers to name.

Sometimes I think you have too many words, and too many demons to tame.

But sometimes I think that you are quite right,

And you and I fit the frame.

Sometimes I feel like you might hold my heart,

And cradle it like your own just the same.

And then I remember how far away you are,

And how magic doesn’t seem to remember,

On long winter nights, when the fire bites the frost,

I’ll dream of you in this dreary November.



I’ve been away, been away too long.

I spent all of last week in the beautiful city of St. John’s Newfoundland. I haven’t been to “Sin Jawns” since 2006 and it was really great to see all of my friends again. I walked the downtown streets a number of times and I have the blisters to prove it. There was a lot of rain, but when the sun did shine, boy was it ever magnificent.

Between me and my friends Jody and Savannah we checked out:

Bistro Sofia
Smoke’s Poutinerie
Rocket Bakery
Rosie the Rebel
Freak Lunchbox
The Newfoundland Chocolate Company
The Natural Health Store
and a bunch of box stores and the Avalon Mall

And of course, the popular touristy destinations like the Basilica, the National War Memorial, the Rooms, Commissariat House, Signal Hill, and more. I also got a special treat from my best friend Savannah. Savannah plays the drums and is taught weekly by a very popular St. John’s artist. She took me to one of her favorite spots in town to play and played “Paradise City” for me. Rather fitting, and I was so proud of her. I also met her drum teacher who was just as awesome as she described.

It was a great week. My eyes were opened to an entirely new way of life. I’m used to living in towns with a population under 10,000 so it’s nice to see how the other side lives sometimes. Turns out we’re all weird. Haha.

Til next time.