Let’s talk – photographer to photographer

I’ve got a bunch of cameras. Old Minolta film, Nikon film, Mamiya film, a couple of Canon film.. Nikon and Canon digital. I’ve also got an iPhone. Guess which one I use most?

SLR cameras are a pain in the neck – literally. Having that bulky thing around your neck wears you down if you have it there long enough. But overall, you really cannot beat a photo taken with an slr camera.

My point:

I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing some photography courses online but I’m wondering if there’s really any value to it. Of course there would be some, but I’ve been an avid photographer for the past eight years and I wonder would a photo course really benefit me? I can compose a good (sometimes great) shot, and I know how to take night photos (which is what I love), I know how to slow things down and speed things up. I wonder, maybe, if I just need to buy better equipment to get the shots I desire.

Take my Nikon 1 for instance. Nifty little camera, but it doesn’t do justice to a night shot what-so-ever. The electronic viewfinder is horrid, often turning off and on at inconvenient times (even with firmware updates). With the 10-30mm lens I have for the camera (stock lens) you have to push a button and turn to get the lens to come out, which sometimes doesn’t work. I’m really not a fan. It’s too point-and-shoot(y) for me.

My Canon Rebel xs takes great photos even though it’s a base model dslr – the first in the Rebel line. I’m moderately pleased with night shots, and I think I would be better served with a new lens for this camera than the 28-90mm and 50mm that I have.

My film cameras? They’re for look only at this point. There’s no where in town that develops photos, and I don’t have the time, money or patience to develop my own. Sending them out for a box-store to butcher is not an option.

I have an armful of point-and-shoot cameras that have completely gone unused since I got my iPhone. My iPhone takes really great pictures in comparison actually.

So what is it? New gear? Sadly I can’t afford to get any new lenses right now, or a new camera. But when I can this is what I have in mind. If you can offer a suggestion for a good lens for night photography (I love taking star and northern lights photos) please do!

My wishlist:

Just to have in my truck for spur of the moment photo sessions.

To be my main lens if I decide to keep using my Rebel.

If I were to buy a new camera altogether.

And lastly, here’s some photos from today. iPhone only, haha.

Soundtrack behind this post:  You Ain’t Alone – Alabama Shakes



3 responses to “Let’s talk – photographer to photographer”

  1. I’m not sure if a course would help get the shots you like if you already know the basics and have an eye for composition. I have a base model DSLR as well as the stock lens and while it took decent pictures, I found that once I practiced my editing I really started to see the photos in the style I wanted. It seems like everyone can buy a DSLR and take a reletively decent photo but it’s what you do with those photos that really make it yours. I guess I would suggest developing an editing style that will get your pictures where you want them. I use Adobe Lightroom and the VSCO film presets. I have a blog if you’d like to take a look at them: shysnarrative.blogspot.com and I just have your lowest level Nikon D3100. Hope this is some food for thought 🙂

  2. Thank you for your comment, Shey! I never really thought about my editing style much. Some photos I do quite a bit of work on, but I’m trying not to do much in terms of touch up. I’m going to continue to work on best possible composition, and I’ve purchased a 75-300mm lens since I wrote this post. It’s a great lens for the price and I’m already beginning to like my work more because of this addition to my collection. I use Lightroom most of the time, but lately I find iPhoto does a good job with what I want to do with my photos. I am planning on getting the newest Lightroom soon though.

    Thanks again! Will take a look at your blog. 🙂

  3. Composition is definitely number one but I love the look of film as well but can’t really afford to be buying and developing film as well which is why I try to edit it into film. I guess I am faking it a little but but oh well!

    Love to see some pics with your new lens. I love pictures of Newfoundland!

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