Happy hour

Hey. So i’m out of hibernation. Truth is I’ve been so busy with work, home life, and friends, I haven’t had time to look at my blog at all. Which I suppose is a good thing — though I always find myself coming back here when I need to vent. Which, I suppose is a bad thing.

In any case.

I find myself at a weird spot in life. Turns out I take things too seriously. (Yes, apparently that is a newsflash for me). Maybe I’m just an emotional person. Maybe I should just shut up.

Happy hour

Happy minute
Happy second
It doesn’t seem to last long
When you open your mouth and failure falls out
Wish I could blame it on something or someone
But it’s always been me
And my inability to see.
Happy minute
Happy second
The times you hold closest to your vital organs
The times that seem shorter than their allowances
The times that slip away so easily.


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