Month: July 2013

Is that a girl?

A baby was not just born and placed in gender-neutral green or yellow clothing making you question its sex. Nope, you don’t have to ask the parent that awkward question and get that ‘you couldn’t tell?’ glare. No, that didn’t happen at all. What did happen was a brief encounter on my sunday morning bike…

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Everything has changed.

Growing seeds is never fun if the only thing you ever plant is doubt. I wrote that line. I said that out loud — perhaps someone uttered it before, but for now, to my knowledge, it is mine. There are some things better left unsaid. I wish I could remember that. M.

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rest your back your spine needs you now rest your arms your hand has a story to tell rest your eyes they’ve seen enough rest your mind there’s a time and place for me rest your pen there’s more than words can free weed out my indiscretions tell me i’ve learned my lesson throw me…

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Happy hour

Hey. So i’m out of hibernation. Truth is I’ve been so busy with work, home life, and friends, I haven’t had time to look at my blog at all. Which I suppose is a good thing — though I always find myself coming back here when I need to vent. Which, I suppose is a…

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