Full circle

Shine a little light on me.
Shine a little light on me.

It wasn’t until I went for a drive tonight to fuel up ‘the Beast’ that I thought about what I could write today. This day, three years ago,was my very first blog post on Travelling Infinity. So very much has changed since that day.

I started off doing a photo-a-day thing, which ultimately failed miserably. Then I decided, just to take some pressure off myself, that I would blog only when I felt I had something interesting to say/show. This proved to be a good plan as I’m still here today – with one award under my web-belt, and countless times where this little slice of the Internets has been my best form of therapy.

So I’ll end where I began.. at the lights of uptown Goose Bay, wondering what my next day is going to hold.

Today was also momentous for another reason – today was my last day at my first job since graduating journalism school. I learned so much during my time at Destination Labrador.. I met so many wonderful people and went places I hadn’t imagined I’d go. I start on a new adventure this Monday as a web manager for one of Labrador’s most popular outfitting/fishing companies.

Looking back at where I was three years ago I certainly didn’t see this coming. I saw myself in the mirror as the housewife, the mechanic, the chubby girl with no confidence. I moved away and launched myself into a world of uncertainty, just hoping that things would turn out alright. And though I went through a hell of a time trying to keep my sanity, I’m glad I’m still here.

I’m glad I remembered that mantra I made for myself in high school, about not giving up, about travelling infinity no matter what it takes you through.


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