Why are you in such a hurry?

My best friend asked me that the other day and I didn’t know how to answer her. I still don’t.
I’m in the process of finding a new vehicle. My old Cavalier is on her last legs and I’m surprised she still carries me to work every morning. It was suggested, by my mother, that I buy an Equinox. My first reaction was “maybe.” To which I was responded to with “…hate to break it to you but you’re approaching 30. What does a young single woman drive these days?”


Hold your typing fingers.

I don’t think of myself as old. Actually, I think of myself as younger than what I am.

Back when my best friend and I hung out regularly (we live in different parts of the province now) we’d spend so much time outside, stargazing, walking aimlessly, talking about anything and everything. It was really the most fun I’ve ever had. Sadly, most people I know wouldn’t be open to something like that. That would be a waste of time. “You’re too old for such foolishness.”
What’s your rush? I think.

Even now, at 27, I’m in no rush to grow old or grow up. I remember wanting to be an adult so badly when I was 13, because adults had it so much better. Adults could go outside whenever they felt like it, stay up as long as they wanted, eat whatever they wanted. You get the picture.

Now that I’m older (and only somewhat wiser) I can see that adulthood is not all it’s cracked up to be. I feel pressured to have children. I feel pressured to be married. I feel pressured to buy the 7-seater mini-van embossed in gold paint just to please my family.

A lot of the people I grew up with/around have kid(s) and are having more now. They’re engaged or already married. It could be a symptom of small town values. It could be stupidity or planned. They could be the happiest people in the world – and good for them! But it’s not for me.

I may not be badass. But I’m no old fuddy either.

I’m looking for a 4×4 with good mud tires and a decent interior. Hold the car seats and diaper bags, please.


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