Sometimes I forget how to write – the physical mechanics of it. I’m so used to tapping fingers. I can remember when I thought I’d never learn how to type without looking at the keyboard. I still have to look for numbers, though.
I remember when I would never dream of using anything but a pencil. Ink was too permanent for me, too final. Whiteout was tacky.
I remember when gel pens were all the rage. Every color. Especially metallic. I still love metallic blue and red.
I remember when writing was a chore, when answering questions with long answers was tedious.
I remember when I thought the word tedious was pretentious.
I just want people to ask me questions so I can answer; type-written, in pencil, in ink, in gel, en full.
I need to relearn the act of feeling through the use of paper.


Published by

Mandy Joy Poole

Writer and photographer from remote Labrador, Canada. Just another cold Labradorian chillin' in the Big Land. Can most likely be found walking my dog Grace or behind an iMac screen slowly taking over the interwebs.

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