Month: April 2013

Same eyes

I once asked a boy to marry me And he looked at me like I had more heads than a bucket of nails By marry I meant love By love I meant ‘could stand to be around’ Being around in silence Holding hands tightly Wishing and hoping Lulling at the moon. I once asked a…

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She, part 2.

Every so often, this one person will come along and bring a presence that just seems to calm the sea. Her eyes- The sway of her hands. Her footsteps – molded to the shape of the rock beneath. Her breath; breathing in salty, out with fields of hope. There is something about her lips… The curve of…

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Square photos

So I gave up Instagram and deactivated my account a while back. And then recently, surprise, I got it back again. I think I just enjoy the simplicity of it. Anyways, I don’t have any followers nor am I following anyone. I mostly take pictures, leave them up for a week, and then once they’re…

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