Not an object.

Two things from my Facebook news feed caught my eye today. Both were related to how women are viewed in society.

I have my own opinions and thoughts that I carefully reserve for a select group of my friends, but sometimes, enough is enough.

Is it really, honestly acceptable to still, EVER showcase women in such a manner as this?

Wake up. Think of your mother. Your daughter.

Speaking of which – this guy. Bless his cotton socks. This is a blog post that Rev. Evan Dolive posted a few days ago in response to Victoria’s Secret’s launch of a lingerie line for middle-school girls.

Our society is torn enough. Everyday pressures are enough. For young girls and women to grow up in a world that still views them as sex objects…something’s not right here. Maybe we should refocus our lenses on something that matters just a little bit more than 2-million dollar pandas and where Mr. Penashue’s finances went askew. Basic human rights, people. Relearn them.

If you think this is wrong and you don’t know what to do about it? Start with yourself. Educate yourself on where you might go wrong in the treatment of women around you. Don’t self-hate, and don’t fem-hate. Don’t classify an entire gender based upon one or two people that treated you badly. Educate your friends and family. And please, for the love of (well, women!) stop saying ‘bitch’ and attempting to put down a man by comparing his actions to that of a woman. Stop setting us back by centuries because you can’t expand your vocabulary beyond the word ‘cunt’.

Above all, listen to your mother: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”


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