The new normal

A couple of weeks ago my Uncle wrote on my Facebook wall and said, “Life begins when fear ends.” This was a response to me posting and saying I had to make several flights to the north coast of Labrador. Visiting communities along the coast was not what worried me, I just really hate to fly.

But I did it. And yes, I did get sick! But it was worth every second. The people I met, the things that I saw, the things that my camera and recorder were able to capture…there are no words.

Now, I can’t share any of this with you as it was a work project. BUT, I can show you the video that I made with the material I captured.

I let myself be okay with everything that was happening around me. I put down any and all guards and said, “Okay, let’s do this.”

I also produced this video back here on the ground. The ending terrified me a little, not gonna lie.

And today, today something completely unexpected happened. I went to the store to buy soap. Yes, soap. Please read on so that you don’t just think I’m a dirt bag. So I went to get soap, then once I did a little shopping I decided to go for a drive. I drove down to Terrington Basin (known as ‘the dock’ to Goose Bay residents), and when I got there I saw a work colleague out on the ice snow sailing. And well, this happened:


So you see, life outside of the comfort zone really isn’t that bad. I’m not saying I’ll be skydiving. But I won’t be pissing away my time in my bedroom anymore either.

Until next time.


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