Month: March 2013


treasure The paper was laid on the desk in the middle of the room. There was no pencil, no pen, no lines swollen on the page. I was curious. What if there’s something on the other side? I watched the ink dry on my own paper as I contemplated the journey to flip the paper…

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One without.

We can’t be one without. I saw you at a cabin. You sat with your legs dangling over the deck, not nearly touching. I saw the drink you mixed and wondered, rye? You’re too smart for beer, I see. I thought I might extend, my hand. Take chances. I wondered if you’d feel the same.…

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Not an object.

Two things from my Facebook news feed caught my eye today. Both were related to how women are viewed in society. I have my own opinions and thoughts that I carefully reserve for a select group of my friends, but sometimes, enough is enough. Is it really, honestly acceptable to still, EVER showcase women in such a manner…

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Title totally inspired by the song that I’ve been singing all day – Otherside, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Here’s some snaps from this weekends road trip to St. Lewis. M.

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You walk around with this void. An empty section of you where something once fit, once belonged. And no matter how many squares, triangles and cylinders you try to place there, it will not fit. So you twist it, turn it, mould it, heat it up, and cool it down, make a few dents and…

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The new normal

A couple of weeks ago my Uncle wrote on my Facebook wall and said, “Life begins when fear ends.” This was a response to me posting and saying I had to make several flights to the north coast of Labrador. Visiting communities along the coast was not what worried me, I just really hate to…

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