Month: February 2013

mistakes made twice

mistakes made twice that sound that’s in the air, that rings in your ears constantly during silence. the hum. the uncomfortable wait. the “somebody, please, say something!” another heart beat drops. each minute you lose another piece of yourself. numb hand. numb arm. numb face. why did I do this? eyes flicker on and off…

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Hi James. If you’re reading this I just wanted to let you know that your water trick didn’t work. Well, it did, right up until my last 20 minutes in the air. I kept thinking – water is wiggly, it’s smooth, it’s flowy. Be smooth. Flow with the plane. Nope. Not working. Jello! Jello is…

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The thoughts and feelings that extend from these fingertips, these hallowed lines of flesh; they’re like no one else’s. I have my own set of unique life prints that cannot be copied. In a moment of explosion my eyes are closed – like driving under bridges,  passing transport trucks, the predictable scary part in a…

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