Month: January 2013

Living like this.

I’m not patient. I do want it all. I can do anything, and still feel nothing. It’s a broken, scary feeling, seeing yourself in someone else’s mirror. Masking desire in a captive mind. I am everything and everyone for everyone besides one – Me. Winding all these frames of time into a locked box of…

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I’m starting out with a white blank page, Recycled paper < recycled heart. I can choose to be excited, delighted- I can choose to stay on the beaten path. Penning insecurities, Admitting flaws, Feeling. Something. Better. I started out with a white blank page, I realized there was nothing to fear. As my pen slipped…

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A new year.

Who sat here before I did? A famous writer? Is there a compartment full of secrets? This desk, itself, is my new muse. I can imagine its stories all I want. Just sitting here inspires me. Look out world. This is going to be my year, come hell or high water.

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