seriousness of condition.

Posted in Poetry by Mandy Joy Poole on 09/12/2012

When I saw it I think my heart stopped beating
For a second,
My face was warm; heart rattled.
I saw a ghost.

These little treasures are no comparison
To a warm body,
To a friendly smile.
I saw a ghost.

Is it easy for you?
Holding a glass over the flame,
I’m burnt out.
I should be done by now.

We’re all speaking with borrowed words,
But you can’t plagiarize my mind.
Stuck in this salty aquarium-
I swear I’m not a clockwise pessimist.

You think I’d be done by now.
Seeing all these ghosts of Christmas past.
You should get it framed.
I should run away.

I’m some kind of monster.




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