The trouble with social media

Is that it’s so damn addictive. I know this is certainly not breaking news, or any type of news, really. Just making an observation – considering that I work 9-5 as a social media coordinator and still end up spending half of the night on my computer when I get home from work. That sickens me a little.

Weekends are different, thankfully. I get outside and do things. Now that it gets dark super early I have more motivation to plan fun things to do on the weekends because there’s no real chance of me doing things once it hits 5 p.m.

But honestly though, I think if it were possible for me to not completely lose my mind (or any limbs) I would love to live in an area where I couldn’t get internet or cell service. Call me crazy, but sooner or later all of these devices could give out. Can you imagine everyone trying to ‘check-in’ while frantically tapping their blank, fried cellphone screen? *shudders at the thought*

Picture it. Serene, snow covered cabin in the woods. Surrounded by trees bogged down by snow. Just a few footprints to and from the cabin door to the woodshed. Smoke slowly billowing into the dark, starlit sky. You’re sitting there by the fire place in your well worn rocker/recliner reading (insert book title here).

That would be my dream. Except mine would include an 8 foot chain fence around the perimeter to keep bears out (it’ll be hidden amongst trees so it’ll almost look like legit roughing it in the wild). And there would also be a lumberjack. Well, I’d settle for a bearded man.

Anyway, that’s enough out of me tonight. I better go before the whiskey really starts talking.


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