Into a long December

First of all,

Yes, that happened! Hey Rosetta with a holiday album! I love it. I wish they would play a show in Goose Bay.

I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Lots of apple cider, time with friends, drives around town and writing. I did some painting and sketching too. Someone really needs to recommend an area of town I haven’t tackled yet for photography. I’m pretty sure middle dock/second dock is sick of seeing me. I did get something a little different today though.

All of my Christmas cards are ready for the mail. I’m not giving out as many this year. I also cut back on gift giving this year, just my parents and my best friend Savannah. Times are a little harder this year.  I wish it would snow, and snow, and snow.

I’ve added a few things under the poetry tab too, give’r a glance.




I stared at the word
Until it made no sense to me
Just a grey blur on the page
Am I making the same mistake twice?
I didn’t understand poetry at first.

I wish I could trust people’s predictions
The uncertainty eats me up
Vitally I’m 20 beats ahead
Visually a dozen behind
What’s left?
Not enough change in my range.

Stumbling through my sentence
I stared at the world
Until it made no sense to me
Just a blur across the stage.

What if I couldn’t tell you my stories?
I’m just a civilian,
Not quite a lady,
With lace ambitions.


I wish you would.

Ryan Adams – Come Pick Me Up

One of my favorite songs by Ryan. Just one of those songs that particularly struck me today.

Here’s some images from my jaunts around town today.


Head in the clouds.

Occasionally I’ll do a virtual flip-through of my image catalog and find some real gems. Not much to say tonight, so here’s some of my favorite cloud shots from 2005. These were taken with my first ever digital camera, a Kodak EasyShare CX6445. I didn’t even have to look back at the name because it’s ingrained in my memory. It was a 4.0 mpxl camera that I still have, and it still functions quite well.


Not even in November


Snow straddles the fence, the treeline, the space beneath our feet.
Three solid sips of cider. Exhale warm clouds.
Blinking the ice from my eyelashes, wet trickles down my cheek. Shivers down my spine.
Frozen mirrors basque the shoreline, stopping jagged, meeting the sea.
The crunch of tires in the air behind me, company unaccompanied.
This spirited hope fills my lungs – once, twice, there goes the car door.
Many thoughts would be wonderful.
Three solid sips of cider. Exhale warm clouds. Exhale joyful laughter.
Keeping good company, even when we’re alone.
Hands are bound to the steering wheel, foot frozen to the pedal.
Keep smiling even when your heart stops beating.
Not giving up, not even in November.