Northern Lights of Labrador

There seriously aren’t even words to describe how utterly amazing the northern lights show was last night. I’ve only seen them a handful of times, but last night was by far the best. I went to the dock around 9 with the intention of getting a few photos of the big dipper, but I got so much more then what I expected.

I don’t want to get deeply sentimental here, but seeing the northern lights as they were last night really reminded me of how much beauty there is out there in the world. Even though there’s plenty of madness occurring all around us, sometimes you have to step back, take a breath, and remember how much bigger the world is in comparison to the problems you’re having in your life. Like I always say, looking up will never let you down.

I ended up staying down at the dock until almost midnight, I just couldn’t bare to leave. I’m so glad I brought my camera. If I had died last night I would have died a happy person. Okay, enough chit chat. Here’s the photos. You’ll note the sky color varies (not just the lights) because I was experimenting with different exposure times.


Oh, and if you’re going to take them, note that my watermark is on them so please do NOT remove it or share them as your own.

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