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It beats the alternative.

I convinced myself to get off my posterior and go outside today. Even though I'm not feeling that great I figured a little warm sun on my face would make me feel better than lying in my bed playing Bubble Mania on my phone. And I was right. I went to second dock, or middle… Continue reading It beats the alternative.

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Shower, minus the meteors.

Song of the night: Yer not the Ocean-The Tragically Hip. Tonight there's supposed to be an Orionoid meteor shower on the go, and there probably is up there somewhere, I just didn't see it. I left my apartment totally excited to get a few photos only to discover it was pouring down rain. Major, major… Continue reading Shower, minus the meteors.

Journal Entries, Poetry


Inclined* Practice being normal - I make no sound. Lying in silence, the world is not real, really. Listen for a whisper. Drip; tick-tock; drip. Practice being extraordinary, I make all the sounds. Bells and whistles. Chapstick and flats. Lipstick and heels. Baby, we are still young. We look like ourselves, just like everyone else. In… Continue reading Inclined