Labour day weekend

This post has obviously been delayed. Last weekend I took a trip back home to spend time with my family, I had an extra day off work and therefore an extra day that could be used for travel. I left Goose Bay at 12 p.m. and arrived in St. Lewis 6 p.m. Not too bad. I was pretty worried about the conditions of my car tires – and with good reason! Just as I rolled past the “Welcome to St. Lewis” sign I had a blow-out. I heard this “ping” and saw my wheel cover fly off, then of course, the steering wheel went all jiggly and that was it.

Being the partial mechanic I am, I got out, jacked up the car, took out my dummy tire only to find that it had four bolt holes instead of the five that my wheel hub has. Greatttt haha. I guess I should have checked that over before I took such a long drive, lesson learned! Some kind stranger took instructions from me on how to locate my parents place in town and graciously found them for me. My dad came to the rescue with a loaner tire. It all ended pretty well.

On the way back the weather was a lot better, it had been raining the whole drive down. On the way back though, there was a lot of loose gravel on the road, and that, combined with really strong winds, made me feel like I was trying to drive on ice – really swirvey. It took me an extra hour to get home because I couldn’t drive much over 65.

Anyway, enough about that stuff.

While I was home I got some interesting photos which I’ll put at the end here. I’ve always known that it pays to take photos at interesting angles, and I’ve tried it out a number of times but never really got ‘the shot’ that I love. I did get a mushroom shot that I really like (I’ve attached it).

Besides taking photos of the Great Labrador Canoe Race a couple of weekends back for Destination Labrador, I really haven’t done much photography in the past couple months. I hope it’s not because I’m in one of my phases were photography is ‘over’ for me and I’m on to something else. I really hope that’s not the case. Maybe I just need a new camera 😛 I’ve been thinking of the Canon EOS-M. Looks awesome. Anyway, enjoy your weekend everyone.



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